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Looking for professional painters in Huntersville? Glenny’s Painting is a local, five-star rated painting company with extensive experience painting residential and commercial properties in and near Huntersville. With over 2,500 painting projects under its belt since the beginning of its operation 12 years ago, Glenny’s Painting has the project management skills, talent and know-how to make your painting project a complete success. When you hire Glenny’s Painting for your residential or commercial painting project in Huntersville,  you can count on us to do excellent work, pay attention to details and deliver on the promises we make you prior to starting on your painting project.  

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Glenny’s Painting is a full service, residential and commercial painting company ready to assist with your painting project in Huntersville. With its competitive and straight forward pricing, expert painters and professional customer service,  Glenny’s Painting is the best value in residential and commercial painting in Huntersville. We are proud to offer top quality services that include kitchen cabinet paintinginterior paintingexterior paintingpopcorn ceiling removal and drywall repair and replacementSee our full list of services.

All our painters have years of experience painting and are highly skilled at their trade. They are punctual, polite and work diligently to ensure all projects are completed on time and on budget with minimum disruptions to customers’ daily routine. View some of our most recent work here.

Our goal at Glenny’s Painting is to make our customers properties look the best possible, in and out, and for our paint application to last as long as possible. To achieve this kind of results, we invest lots of time in the prep work, use only the best quality paint products and leverage our painting skills to expertly apply fresh coats of paint. 

If you live in Huntersville or nearby and are contemplating having your home or business professionally painted, call or text Glenny’s Painting at (980) 322-5043 to request a free quote.

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Painting kitchen cabinets rather than replacing them has been a popular option among homeowners and it’s easy to understand why. 

Painting kitchen cabinets cost less than replacing them. Replacing kitchen cabinets is expensive. By changing the color of your kitchen cabinets and adding new hardware, you can transform the look of your kitchen at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Painting kitchen cabinets is less disruptive to your daily routine. Ripping out your kitchen to put new ones means your kitchen could be out of commission for a while, especially if there are mishaps and unplanned delays. Painting kitchen cabinets and doors is done at your home and the turn around time is much quicker than having new cabinets installed. 

Color options are infinite with kitchen cabinets painting. When you order new kitchen cabinets, you will most likely be limited in your color selection by what the manufacturer has to offer. When you have your kitchen cabinets painted by a professional company like Glenny’s Painting, you can choose whatever color you want for your cabinets, hence opening a whole world of possiblities. 

Factory finished painted  kitchen cabinets. Glenny’s Painting has extensive experience painting kitchen cabinets. We are able to achieve factory-finish quality with our work. We use high quality sprayers and paint to achieve the best results. Learn more about our kitchen cabinet painting processGlenny’s Painting is the best choice to paint your kitchen cabinets in Huntersville. You can view some of our work on our portfolio page.

Having your kitchen cabinets professionally painted by Glenny’s Painting makes sense. Rather than putting your life on hold for months while waiting for your new cabinets and paying a premium for new kitchen cabinets to be installed (tear down, material, labor cost and disposal of old cabinets), you could have brand new looking, beautifully painted kitchen cabinets in less than a week! If you live in Huntersville and are considering having your kitchen cabinets painted, call or text Glenny’s Painting today at (980) 322-5043 for a free quote. 


Interior painting services in Huntersville

Glenny’s Painting is a top-rated, interior painting company serving Huntersville and nearby areas. The achieve the best results, the prep work must be on par, followed by detail-oriented and skillful paint application using the highest paint product for long lasting, beautiful results. 

Glenny’s Painting follows a stringent process when painting interior spaces. Protecting surfaces that do not need to be painted is part of that process to minimize clean up and paint stains. Organizing our workspace to minimize the impact of our work on the life of our customers is also a part of our process. 

Whether we use sprayers, rollers or brushes, you can expect great results with Glenny’s Painting at prices that are highly competitive. Learn more about our interior painting process.

We paint all kind of spaces including kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, offices, ceilings, trims, moldings, windows and staircases. We also paint cabinets including kitchen cabinets, bath cabinets and built-ins. For the best results, we ensure surfaces we paint are cleaned, free from imperfections, and we strain our paint so there is no dust, fuzz or unwanted contaminants that could affect the quality of the finish. We use the best paint products from leading manufacturers and our interior painting work carries a 2-year warranty. For a free quote, call or text (980) 322-5043 today.

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Maintaining the exterior surfaces of your home is not only important for aesthetics and curb appeal, it’s a necessary upkeep to prolong the life of your exterior surfaces by protecting them against the weather and the elements. 

Failing paint will allow moisture the penetrate wood structures beneath the paint, causing decay and possible structural damages in the long run. Glenny’s Painting exterior painting process includes pressure washing exterior surfaces to remove organics like mildew and algae, as well as to reveal decayed wood. All decayed surfaces are repairs or replaced. To prevent water infiltration, all cracks are caulked. Holes are filled, loose paint sanded and surfaces primed as needed in preparation for the application of two coats of paint. 


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Just as with interior painting, Glenny’s Painting only uses the best quality paint for longer lasting beautiful results. Exterior painting is a tedious process that, when done right, will improve curb appeal and protect your home for years to come. If you live in Huntersville or nearby and are wanting a quote to paint the exterior of your home or business, call or text Glenny’s Painting today at (980) 322-5043.

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Glenny’s Painting is a reputable and established painting company serving Huntersville and nearby areas including zip codes 28078 and 28070. 

With over a decade serving Huntersville and hundreds of painting projects under our name, Glenny’s Painting is a top provider of quality residential and commercial painting services. 

For your upcoming painting project, we would love to hear from you and have the opportunity to earn your business. Get in touch with us is easy – simply call or text us at (980) 322-5043 or request an estimate through our website. We are quick to respond to inquiries and can provide you with a competitive quote promptly.