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Do you live in or near Charlotte and looking to update your dated kitchen cabinets, bath cabinets and built-ins? Glenny’s Painting has a solution for you that does not involve spending tens of thousands of dollars to get new cabinets. Rather, you could save time and money by having Glenny’s Painting professionally repaint your kitchen cabinets to factory-finish quality. We are a local, full-service painting company serving the Charlotte area. We are specialists in kitchen cabinet painting. Our services yield superb results at a fraction of the cost and time it would take you to replace your cabinetry. 

Why repaint your kitchen cabinets?

The kitchen might just be the most important space in a home. This is where you cook and entertain family and friends and gather for a good time and a meal. In the past decade or so, lots of attention has been given to kitchen remodeling. New trends, materials, equipment and colors are constantly hitting the market, inspiring homeowners in and near Charlotte to improve their kitchen space.

Depending on what you choose to do, a kitchen remodel can be quite expensive and a lengthy endeavor. Homeowners who want to transform the look of their kitchen without the hefty price tag of buying new cabinets or having to wait months for their new cabinets, are considering other options like refacing their kitchen cabinets (which involves changing the door facings and hardware of cabinets) or repainting their kitchen cabinets (the process of painting cabinets and doors using paint sprayers). 

The demand for kitchen cabinet painting has been trending and more and more homeowners are seeking professional kitchen cabinet repainting companies like Glenny’s Painting in Charlotte to professionally paint their kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets and built-ins. While repainting cabinets is a meticulous, painstaking process, the results are nothing shy of remarkable considering the substantial money and time saving benefits as compared to cabinet replacement. View some our kitchen cabinet repainting work.

Financially and aesthetically, having your kitchen cabinets professionally repainted makes sense if you are not planning on changing the layout and floor-plan of your kitchen.

Top benefits of having your kitchen cabinets professionally painted

Time savings

Ordering new kitchen cabinets and having them installed could take months depending on availability, production time, shipping time and installation. With Glenny’s Painting, you can transform the look of your kitchen cabinets and achieve factory finish quality within a week or less depending on the size of your project. 

Money savings

Replacing kitchen cabinets can be quite expensive, $10,000 to $50,000 depending on the type of cabinets you choose. Resurfacing cabinets is expensive as well. Having your kitchen cabinets professionally painted can save you a substantial amount of money. All the cabinets we paint come with a 3-year warranty.

Quality results

Experience speaks volume when it comes to kitchen cabinet painting. The finish needs to be perfect as kitchen cabinets are in plain sight everyday. At Glenny’s Painting, we only use the best quality paint, process and techniques to achieve factory-finish quality results with  the cabinets we paint.

We are Charlotte's kitchen cabinet painting specialists

Glenny’s Painting has some of the best kitchen cabinet painters in and near Charlotte.They work hard, meticulously and skillfully to refinish cabinets to like-new condition. Prep work, work flow, paint application and detailed work are all important aspects of kitchen cabinet painting. To achieve the best results, you will need the most skilled painters to do the job. At Glenny’s Painting, we have over 25 years of combined experience painting cabinetry and have completed hundreds of cabinet repainting projects in and near Charlotte. Whether you want your kitchen cabinets, bath cabinets and/or built-ins refinished the color you selected, Glenny’s Painting is sure to exceed your expectations.

Charlotte professional kitchen cabinet painting
Charlotte kitchen cabinet repainting
Charlotte kitchen cabinet repainting company Glennys Painting

We professionally refinish kitchen cabinets, built-ins, bath vanities and any other types of cabinetry in and near Charlotte

kitchen cabinet refinishing before
kitchen cabinet doors painted

Our professional kitchen cabinet painting process yields beautiful results.

To achieve the best results with kitchen cabinet painting, Glenny’s Painting follows a rigorous process to prepare the surfaces. It’s tedious work, but the results outstanding. If you live in or near Charlotte and want to transform the look of your kitchen, give us a call today for a free-home estimate at (980) 322-5043.

Our kitchen cabinet refinishing process


Project evaluation

The first step is to have a good understanding of what customers would like to achieve with their cabinets and determining what it is going to cost to get the work done. Once a customer has requested an estimate, Glenny’s Painting will come to the customer’s home, discuss paint finish options and what’s involved with repainting cabinets.



Protecting the work area

Once our estimate is approved, we schedule the work with the customer. The first step is to protect what does not need to be painted in the work area. Since we use sprayers to paint cabinets, we are thorough in protecting those surfaces. We cover the floor, walls, ceiling, countertops, fixtures and every else that needs to be covered.



Preparing surfaces

When painting kitchen cabinets, it is very important to clean surfaces so they are free of any type of residue, grease and dust. We use professional-grade degreaser to do the work. Our painters remove all handles, doors, drawers and hinges. All surfaces are sanded and cleaned again to ensure the surfaces are dust-free.




Once cleaned, surfaces are primed with an oil-based primer so it adheres strongly to surfaces and prevent chipping and cracking in the future. After priming the cabinets and doors, the surfaces are lightly sanded one more time so they are very smooth and ready to be painted. 


Paint application

Two coats of finish paint are sprayed on the cabinets and doors for the best results. The finish coat is hard and durable and has the desired sheen. Once the surfaces are coated properly, our painters reassemble the door and cabinets, hinges and hardware and remove all the protective draping that was used. Our cabinet painting services come with a 3-year warranty to protect against cracking and peeling.


Cabinet painting porfolio

Below are examples of some of the cabinetry we refinished in the Charlotte area.

When it comes to interior painting, exterior painting and kitchen cabinet painting, there is no better painting company in Charlotte than Glenny’s Painting to handle your project. Glenny’s Painting is a five-star painting company with talented, hardworking painters ready to refresh your home with a new coat of paint. Call or text us today at (980) 322-5043 or request a free quote online through our website.

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