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If you are looking for residential or commercial painters in or near Cornelius, Glenny’s Painting is one of the best painting companies to consider for your project. As a reputable, five-star painting company with over 12 years of experience serving Cornelius and surrounding areas, and over 2,500 painting projects successfully completed, Glenny’s Painting is highly qualified to take on any painting projects, no matter the size or complexity. Professionalism, high quality work, excellent customer service, competitive pricing – Glenny’s Painting offers the best value in residential and commercial painting in and near Cornelius.

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If you are looking for the best painters in Cornelius to work on your project, you should consider hiring a busy painting company like Glenny’s Painting. Painting companies that do good work are busy and in high demand. Whether it’s painting the interior of a property or painting the exterior a house, or refinishing kitchen cabinetsremoving popcorn ceiling or staining a pergola, you’ll always find Glenny’s Painting working on a painting project. 

As a company, we believe in excellence as it relates not only to the quality of our work, but also customer experience, workflow and job organization. The bottom line is that we want our customers to have the best experience with our company and we work hard everyday to make it happen.  

When working on a painting project, our painters (minimum two per project) are organized and follow a systemized process that has been tested and proven over the years and has allowed our painters to achieve the highest quality results possible at very competitive prices.

 View some of our most recent work here.

On all our painting projects, we do extensive prep work and apply top quality paint products so the result looks great and last a long period of time. With any paint project, the quality of the finish depends on the details and at Glenny’s Painting, we pay attention to details and we don’t cut corners. We deliver top quality results that meet and often times exceed the expectations of our customers. 

If you live in or near Cornelius and are wanting to have your home or business professionally painted, call or text Glenny’s Painting at (980) 322-5043 to request a free quote.

Professional kitchen cabinet painting in Cornelius


Transforming the look of your kitchen can easily be achieved nowadays by having your kitchen cabinetry professionally painted. Kitchen cabinet painting is one of Glenny’s Painting specialty services.  We paint cabinetry (kitchen cabinets and islands), vanities and built-ins to factory-finish quality. 

Having your kitchen cabinets painted saves time and money. Remodeling a kitchen is one of the priciest projects you can undertake for your home. Ordering new cabinets, tear down existing ones and installing new ones is taxing on time and money. Some of the biggest benefits of having your kitchen cabinets painted include:

Cost saving. Painting kitchen cabinets costs a fraction of having to replace them because you don’t have to buy new cabinets and pay to remove your existing cabinets, prep the area and have the new ones installed.

Kitchen downtime. The kitchen is likely the most important space in your home. Being without a kitchen while a new one is being installed, having to deal with unexpected delays and challenges can cause a lot of stress and disruptions to your everyday life. Even worst if you have a large family that depends on your kitchen functioning everyday. With kitchen cabinet painting, the disruption is minimum and you will be able to enjoy your new kitchen in no time. 

Color options. This is a major advantage of having your cabinetry painted. Cabinet manufacturers are limited in the colors they offer. Having custom paint on new cabinetry will only add to the cost you would pay to have new cabinets installed. When you choose to have a professional cabinet painting company like Glenny’s Painting to refinish your cabinetry, you can choose whatever colors or color variations you want, including painting bottom cabinets a different color than top cabinets.

If you live in or near Cornelius and are interested in having your kitchen cabinets, vanities or built-ins professionally painted, we would love to hear from you. Glenny’s Painting is one of the best kitchen cabinet painting company to work with in Cornelius. Call or text us today at (980) 322-5043 for more information and to request a free quote. View some of our work


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A new coat of paint professionally applied onto your interior surfaces can transform your living spaces and make them more attractive and welcoming. Glenny’s Painting has transformed thousands of interior spaces in and near Cornelius over the years and we would like to help you transform your interior spaces. We offer top notch interior painting services at great prices and achieve paint finish quality that is second to none. 

Glenny’s Painting has the logistics and resources to take on the most challenging interior projects including those with high ceilings and intricate details. Our interior painting process includes an initial consultation to better understand your needs. Once scheduled, our team shows up on time, protects the areas that won’t be painted, and prepares thoroughly the surfaces that will be painted. If your project requires multiple days to complete, our painters will organize their workspace at the end of each day to ensure that our work is not in the way of your every day activities. Throughout the painting process, a manager will be in touch with you every step of the way to inform you about progress and to answer any question you may have. Aside from priming the surfaces that need it, two-coats of paint are applied to surfaces. Learn more about our interior painting process.

For peace of mind, our interior painting services come with a two-year warranty. If you live in or near Cornelius and would like Glenny’s Painting to look at your project and provide with a competitive quote, call or text (980) 322-5043. You will be glad you did!

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To improve your property’s curb appeal and protect exterior surfaces from the weather and the elements, it’s important to keep your exterior surfaces in the best condition possible. If you live in or near Cornelius, hiring an exterior painting company like Glenny’s Painting is the best choice. 

When painting the exterior of a property, protection and prep work are both essential. Surfaces that don’t need to be painted need to be protected or you will end up with over spray everywhere. Because we use sprayers, gusts of wind can carry paint in unwanted places. To proof your property against overspray, our painters go the extra mile when protecting exterior surfaces. In some instances, we use rollers and brushes instead of sprayers to be safe.  

As part of the prep work, exterior surfaces need to be pressure washed to remove all unwanted contaminants like mildew and algae so the surfaces are clean. Decayed surfaces need to be repaired or replaced. Gaps need to be calked to prevent moisture infiltration. Surfaces need to be sanded as needed to establish a smooth foundation on which to apply paint. The better the prep work, the nicer the final result will be.


On all exterior painting projects, we apply a primer when needed and two coats of high quality paint. Our exterior painting services carry a two-year warranty. Learn more about our exterior painting servicesIf you live in or near Cornelius and are planning to have the exterior of your home or business painted, we would like to hear about your project and the opportunity to provide you with a quote. Call or text Glenny’s Painting today at (980) 322-5043 to get started.

Residential and commercial painting company in Cornelius

If you live in or near Cornelius and are looking for a top notch painting company for your residential or commercial painting project, Glenny’s Painting is a top contender. 

We have years of experience painting properties in and out and an excellent, five-star reputation for doing excellent work. 

We serve all of Cornelius and surrounding areas including zip code 28031.

We’d like to invite you to connect with us and request a free in person consultation for you upcoming paint project –  view our work portfolio page.  

You can reach us by phone and text (980) 322-5043 or by requesting an estimate below.