Exterior painting services

A fresh coat of paint will go a long way to refresh the look of your home, improve its curb appeal and protect it against the elements. You can also modernize and transform the appearance of your home by changing its exterior colors. Glenny’s Painting has painted hundreds of home exteriors across the Charlotte region over the past 12 years. We have extensive experience painting all types of exterior surfaces, from stucco, to brick to cedar shake siding. If you’re looking for a Charlotte-based, top-tier exterior painting company to rejuvenate the exterior of your home, Glenny’s Painting is the best choice for your project.

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Rejuvenating your home exterior

Painting the exterior of a home goes further than just refreshing or transforming its appearance. It protects it as well. Exterior surfaces are continuously exposed to the weather, dust, moisture and vegetation year round.  A few coats of quality paint will protect exterior surfaces against moisture infiltration and decay. Having the exterior of your home professionally painted is the best thing you can do to preserve its appearance, its condition and ultimately, protect your investment.

When having the exterior of your home painted, it is paramount for the work to be done professionally. Prepping the surfaces before painting and being meticulous (priming, caulking, coating) make the difference between a superior painting job that last years and looks great, and one that fails prematurely.

At Glenny’s painting, we work diligently to achieve the best painting results. We adhere to the best industry quality standards and follow a specific process we have developed over the years to achieve beautiful and professional painting results. All our Charlotte exterior painters are highly skilled and have years of experience painting. With hundreds of exterior painting projects under our belt, you can count on Glenny’s Painting to deliver results you can be proud of. View our exterior painting work in and near Charlotte.

Why choose Glenny's Painting for your exterior painting project in Charlotte?

Detailed prep work

There is no cutting corners with Glenny’s Painting prep work. From pressure washing surfaces to remove grime, dirt and organic matters, to scrapping loose paint, repairing wood decay, sanding away imperfections, priming surfaces for better results and protecting what does not need to be painted, our skilled painters will ensure your exterior surfaces are ready to be painted for longer lasting results.

Best value in Charlotte

Excellent workmanship, top quality paint products, superior job management, detail finish – all at a very competitive rates. You won’t find a better value in exterior painting in the Charlotte area than Glenny’s Painting. Our commitment to customer service and doing the best work possible on every painting projects and prices that are hard to beat makes us the best choice in Charlotte.

Protected investment

Having the exterior of your home home painted is an investment. Glenny’s Painting has served the Charlotte area for over 12 years and has successfully completed over 2,500 painting projects. We are licensed and insured, endorsed as a five-star painting company by hundreds of customers, have an A+ rating with the BBB and offer a 2-year warranty on our exterior painting work. 

Exterior surfaces we paint

No painting project is too small or too big for Glenny’s painting. From ranches to 3-story homes, we have the logistics, skills and manpower to take on any size project and achieve industry leading results.

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Related services offered

Our proven exterior painting process yields superior results.

Don’t leave things to chance when it comes to your painting project in or near Charlotte. Glenny’s Painting has spent years developing the perfect process to achieve the best results with house painting. Your home will be meticulously painted by skilled and talented painters that have years of experience  using the best paint product available and the best techniques that include paint spraying, rolling and brushing. 

Our exterior painting process


Exterior surfaces cleaning

Cleaning exterior surfaces is essential to remove dirt, grime and organic matters such as mildew and algae from exterior surfaces to establish a solid foundation on which to paint. Our painters pressure wash exterior surfaces to remove surface contaminants and reveal areas that might be decayed. We do not use bleach, but rather a cleaning solution that is environmentally-friendly and won’t hurt plants.


Surface prep work

After the exterior surfaces have been pressure washed, our painters check for wood decay and perform repairs and replacement as needed to ensure that surfaces are in good condition to be painted. Failing to prep exterior surfaces could cause paint to fail  prematurely and cause further damage to wood surfaces and structures. Our painters also scrape loose paint and caulk any gaps before painting as part of our surface preparation work.  


Covering exterior surfaces and plants

Painting exterior surfaces can be messy especially when using sprayers. Our painters cover all glass  panels on windows, all plants around the work perimeter, all concrete surfaces and any other surfaces that does not need to be painted. Doing so will minimize the amount work needed to clean up as well as yield a finish that is clean and sharp without over spray.


Quality paint application

Glenny’s Painting only uses high quality paint products from Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore for all exterior painting work. Our exterior painters coat surfaces using the best method(s) to achieve the best results whether it is sprayers, rollers or paint brushes. We only use exterior paint that is specifically made for the surfaces being painted.


Job site organization

For exterior painting jobs that take multiple days to complete, our painters clean up the work area everyday before living so everything is neat and organized and not in the way of the customers daily life. Once the work is completed, our painters fully clean up the work site before the final walk through with the customer.  


Final walk through

It is Glenny’s Painting policy to not leave a job site and call an exterior painting project complete until the customer is 100% satisfied with the work. Every exterior painting job is thoroughly inspected by one of the company’s managing partners to ensure that the work meets our high quality standards. During the final walk through with the customer, areas that need to be touched up are addressed on the spot. Glenny’s Painting includes a 2-year warranty with all its residential exterior painting work.  

Exterior painting portfolio

Below are examples of exterior painting projects Glenny’s Painting completed in the Charlotte area. 

When it comes to interior painting, exterior painting and kitchen cabinet painting, there is no better painting company in Charlotte than Glenny’s Painting to handle your project. Glenny’s Painting is a five-star painting company with talented, hardworking painters ready to refresh your home with a new coat of paint. Call or text us today at (980) 322-5043 or request a free quote online through our website.

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