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Glenny’s Painting is an established and reputable, 5-star rated painted company serving the Town of Weddington. We are known as a company with strong work ethics that does excellent work. If you are looking for hardworking, talented professional painters to handle your interior and/or exterior painting project, working with Glenny’s Painting is the best choice. As a top Weddington painting company, we offer years of experience working on all types of painting projects. 


Glenny’s Painting as the expertise and resources to make your interior or exterior painting project a complete success. Our attention to details and the quality of our work, all at a prices that are hard to compete with make Glenny’s Painting the best value in residential painting in and near the Town of Weddington. 

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Top house painters in the Town of Weddington

As a full service painting company, Glenny’s Painting offers Weddington’s residents top quality painting services that include interior paintingexterior paintingkitchen cabinet paintingpopcorn ceiling removal and drywall repair and replacement

Our painters are company-trained and have years of experience painting residential properties. View some of our most recent work here.

Working with Glenny’s Painting is easy and smooth. Our project management skills and logistics make for a seamless process we know you will appreciate.

Hard work, high standards and eagerness to do the best work possible all describe what you can expect from Glenny’s Painting as a full service painting company in the Weddington area. Whether you hire our company for an indoor or outdoor painting project, our painters will make your property look its best.  To achieve the best results, we use the best quality paint products, the best painting materials and the best painters.

If you live in or near the Town of Weddington and are interested in getting your property professionally painted, call or text Glenny’s Painting at (980) 322-5043 to request a free quote. We have served the Town of Weddington for over 12 years and have been involved in over 2,500 painting projects since the start of our operation.

Weddington kitchen cabinet painting company


Having kitchen cabinets professionally painted has become a thing. Rather than ripping out old cabinets and putting new ones in, homeowners are choosing to have their kitchen cabinets painted. It’s easy to understand why – it’s cheaper, less invasive, faster and you can choose to have your cabinets painted whatever color you want. Plus, everything is done to factory-finish standard. What’s not to like about kitchen cabinet painting! 

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Glenny’s Painting leads the way in kitchen cabinet painting in the Town of Weddington. Our kitchen cabinet painting process is thorough and meticulous. The finish must be perfect because cabinets are in plain sight every day. Check out some of kitchen cabinet painting work.

To achieve the best results, we use the best paint, the best sprayers and the best techniques. The prep work is tedious – we follow the best industry practices and set high quality standards for ourselves when painting kitchen cabinets and it shows in the results we achieve. Why incur the cost of buying new kitchen cabinets when you can transform their appearance with a fresh coat of paint?

Instead of waiting months to have your new cabinets installed and paying a premium price for them when you could have a better looking kitchen in less than a week with Glenny’s Painting. If you live in Weddington and are interested in getting a quote to have your kitchen cabinets professionally painted, call or text Glenny’s Painting today at (980) 322-5043 for a free in-home evaluation. 


Weddington interior house painters

Recognized as a 5-star, top painting company in Weddington, Glenny’s Painting has the resources, skills and knowledge to take on all kind of interior painting projects. We are committed to working hard and diligently to achieve the best paint finish possible at a very competitive price point. 

With all interior painting projects, Glenny’s Painting follows a specific interior painting process we have perfected over the years to achieve the best results and highest level of satisfaction for customers. We are big on the prep work and protecting our customers’ house against spills and splashes. We use the best paint products which we strain before using to ensure there is no dust or contaminant that could affect the quality of the finish result. 

When you hire Glenny’s Painting for your Weddington interior painting project, you can rest assure that your home will be painted by professional painters who care about their trade and the results they achieve. All painting projects we work on are checked by one of the owners of the company to ensure the work was done to up to par with our high quality standards. 

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Exterior painting company in the Town of Weddington

Having the exterior of your home professionally painted will not only improve the curb appeal of your home and update its appearance, it will also protect exterior surfaces from the harsh effects of the weather and the sun. 

To achieve the best results with exterior painting, it is of the utmost importance to do extensive prep work that involves pressure washing the exterior surfaces to remove mildew and other organics that could compromise the longevity of the new coat of paint; repairing or replacing any surface that is decaying; sanding surfaces for smoother looking surfaces; filling all gaps at the trims and windows with calking; and protecting surfaces that do not require painting.  

Once the prep work has been completed, our painters will apply a primer followed by two coats of the best quality paint available for a longer lasting and more beautiful finish. Glenny’s Painting has a two-year warranty with all residential exterior projects.

If you live in or near the Town of Weddington and need the exterior of your home painted, call or text Glenny’s Painting today at (980) 322-5043 to request a free estimate.

Weddington residential painting services

Glenny’s Painting is a full service painting company serving the Weddington area including zip codes 2810428105 and 28173. If you live in or near Weddington and have an upcoming painting project you’d like to get a quote for, we’d love to hear from you. 

When it comes to interior painting, exterior painting and kitchen cabinet painting, there is no better painting company in Weddington than Glenny’s Painting to handle your project.  Glenny’s Painting is a five-star company with talented, hardworking painters ready to refresh your home with a new coat of paint. 

Call or text us today at (980) 322-5043 to request a free quote or click the button below to submit a request for a quote through our website.