Drywall repair services

The finished quality of an interior painting project not only depends on the quality of the paint product used and how skillfully surfaces were painted. It also depends on the condition and finished quality of the surface being painted. Drywall repair is often required in painting. Whether you had a repair that necessitated cutting an opening through a wall or ceiling, had your popcorn ceiling removed, have a hole in your wall that needs to be patched or need new drywall installed because you are remodeling your home, whatever the reason is, Glenny’s Painting can take care of all your drywall repair and installation needs in the Charlotte area and make your walls and ceiling look very good.  

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Repairing and installing drywall

Repairing and installing drywall requires experience and an eye for details to achieve the best results. Our drywall repair service is used for different applications such repairing damages from a water leak, stress cracks, or joint tape coming apart, seams bulging or applying as skim coat and sanding after a popcorn ceiling removal service.

Glenny’s Painting has served the Charlotte area for over 12 years and has successfully completed many drywall repairs and installations. We have some of the best painters and drywall repair technicians in the Charlotte area. Repairing and installing drywall is an additional service we offer as part of our interior painting services. By offering this service, we make it convenient for our customers to have their drywall repaired and painted at the time we are doing the work. This avoids delays and miscommunication in the performance of the work.

On the surface, drywall repair might seem easy. Who hasn’t patched a hole in a wall before. But if you really want a repair to look like there was never any damage before, it requires an entirely different set of skills that can only be acquired through knowledge and experience.

At Glenny’s Painting, our professional drywall repair and installation work is very detail-oriented. We make sure that the section we repair or install does not look different from the rest f the walls or ceilings. For example, if we patch an area of drywall, we make sure it is level with the surrounding surface so it blends in, not stand out. 

We do texture matching so the repair does not stand out from the rest of the wall or ceiling and does not show lines and shadows. The goal of a repair is to make the original damage disappear, not making it visible. Yes drywall has a texture. The compound or spackling we use as a flat finish. So if your walls have texture and your repair is flat, it will show. 

We use special techniques to match the repair to the surrounding surface to a flawless finish so nobody will ever know there was ever some damage in that specific area. We also install new drywall as a part of a remodeling or encapsulate a feature you want to conceal. View some of our work.

drywall repair project before drywall repair project after

Renew the finished look of your drywall with our professional drywall repair services.

Ceilings and walls need to be in the best shape possible before a coat of primer is applied. Our drywall specialists will smooth out, repair or replace your damaged drywall for a finish you will love.

When it comes to interior painting, exterior painting and kitchen cabinet painting, there is no better painting company in Charlotte than Glenny’s Painting to handle your project. Glenny’s Painting is a five-star painting company with talented, hardworking painters ready to refresh your home with a new coat of paint. Call or text us today at (980) 322-5043 or request a free quote online through our website.

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